TRIGENICS®* utilizes advanced techniques to decrease pain, reduce soft tissue dysfunction, restore proper muscle length, re-establish appropriated joint motion, and activate neurologically inhibited muscles.

TRIGENICS®* treatment addresses primary sources of tension within the myofascial skeletal (joints), and connective tissue system.
The treatment usually involves applying 3 treatment techniques simultaneously to achieve rapid and dramatic effects otherwise not possible. The results, which affect the muscles, brain, and nervous system, are usually quite dramatic on the first treatment, even in the most chronic and difficult cases where every other method of treatment has been tried.

The 3 Key Components of Trigenics®* Involve:

1. Controlled activation of specific neuromuscular reflexes with resisted exercise movements.
2. Relaxation breathing and biofeedback to generate beneficial brain wave patterns.
3. Hands-on muscle-nerve sensor touch to send signals to the brain which cause it to reset the way it controls movement.

When muscles undergo stress or injury, their sensors stop sending proper nerve reflex signals to the brain. These muscles then become neurologically short or weak causing improper joint movement through a process called 'neurological inhibition' or 'NI'.

When muscles are in a state of neurological inhibition, they will not strengthen or stretch fully with exercise or rehabilitation. 'NI' may not always be immediately perceptible but it will eventually lead to weak links in the muscle movement chain which will lead to injury, pain and/or deterioration.

Richard Curasi, RTP in San Antonio TX is your Registered Trigenics®* Practitioner or 'Trigenist'* and he is fully trained to be able to detect neurological inhibition. Once assessed, The Trigenist' will have you lightly exercise using specific resisted movements during your treatment to generate your own neurological reflexes. Then, through application of a sophisticated combination of 3 neuro-manual medicine techniques, The Trigenist' will change and redirect your nerve signals to effectively reset the way your brain communicates with your muscles and body.

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