Trigenics®* Treatment System Integrated Neuro-manual Therapy


TRIGENICS®* is a Revolutionary new neurological treatment system - which can rapidly relieve pain, accelerate healing, and improve muscle strength and performance. With Trigenics* your nervous system is treated to reset the way your brain communicates with your body.

Service for all kinds of Problem Areas

• Frozen Shoulder
• Shoulder Impingement
• Tennis Elbow
• Wrist pain  
• Plantar fasciitis
• Hip Pain
• Patella femoral pain
• Lower lumbar pain
• Ankle sprains
• Headaches
• Neck stress pain
• Back pain

TRIGENICS®* was developed over the last 25 years by Dr. Allan Austin and is a combination of numerous disciplines and treatment techniques. This cutting edge system and unique exercise / movement based therapies. Trigenics* is safe and non-forceful and can be used effectively on a broad range of patients including children and seniors.

TRIGENICS®* is more than a conventional treatment: it is an entire assessment model, utilizing a detailed, systematic approach to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions. The Trigenics* system also provides functional rehabilitation and corrective exercise techniques that transition you into a strength and conditioning program designed to improve your function and performance.

TRIGENICS®* utilizes advanced techniques to decrease pain, reduce soft tissue dysfunction, restore proper muscle length, re-establish appropriated joint motion, and activate neurologically inhibited muscles.

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